Oscar Magnuson GAFF

Oscar Magnuson GAFF

Your Oscar Magnuson frame is an all natural product. It is handmade from bio-acetate by highly skilled craftspeople in our Italian factory. The bio-acetate, deriving from wood and cotton fibres, gives it an exclusive touch and a sense of warmth and silkiness, which can only come from natural substances. Our bio-acetate is 100% eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

All Oscar Magnuson sunglasses are fitted with premium high precision optical glass lenses. Optical glass, thanks to its crystalline purity, provides the best long-lasting vision possible, high scratch resistance and maximum UV-protection. The lenses have a multilayered, anti-reflective coating with an oleophobic and hydrophobic treatment reducing reflection and preventing dust, fingerprints and other impurities from obscuring vision. Optical glass is 100% recyclable.

Oscar Magnuson frames come encased in 100% organic leather sourced from the Swedish tannery Tarnsjö Garveri.

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